Call for Proposal: RPAS-Pilot-Training

Re: Swedish Police
Subj.: Call for Proposal
Obj.: RPAS Pilot Training

On 8 November 2017, the Swedish Police (Polismyndigheten) published a tender (reference number A281.229/2017) for the provision of flying school services [theoretical training of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) pilots].
The tender title in Swedish is : « Upphandling av ramavtal avseende teoretisk flygutbildning ».
The estimated project budget is € 73 000

For more information, please see HERE.

The procuring entity is :
Box 12256
SE-10226 Stockholm
Contact person: Jenni Elfven
Main internet address:
Address of the buyer profile:

Verantwortlicher:  Uwe Nortmann   Geschäftsstelle UAV DACH e.V.  / UAVDACH-Services UG