The nEUROn combat drone demonstrator started its 4th ” Low Observability ” test campaign in November. This campaign is conducted by the Directorate General of Armament (DGA) with the support of Dassault Aviation. It was carried out in Istres by the teams of DGA Flight Tests and consists of a series of confrontations with different operational means of detection; it will continue in early 2019.

The 4th ” Low Observability ” campaign aims to continue the study of the implementation of nEUROn aircraft and to confront its stealth with airborne sensors, ground radars and surface means. The “Low Observability ” campaigns allow the DGA to evaluate the current developments on the means of detection. They also allow armed forces to assess their ability to detect a stealth drone representative of future threats.

For the rest of this test campaign, the DGA will conduct further flights of the technology demonstrator nEUROn, stealth combat drone reference from a European cooperation, to deepen the reflections of employment and the associated innovative technologies. This campaign, which illustrates the importance of maintaining quality international cooperation for tomorrow’s aeronautics, also underlined the reliability of the nEUROn with the completion of its 150 th test flight.

Source:  Direction générale de l’armement (DGA)

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