Civil Aviation in Colombia on December 27 has issued a new regulation for drone operations.  Most relevant issues are:  3 operation categories, A being non regulated for small UAS and short range: B class being regulated and C class being certified.   

A class open a seamless space of operation for recreational and entry level commercial operators flying small multi rotors, bringing less desk work for civil aviation in terms of permits.  Allowing better resources dedicated to more professional operations.  Meaning many well needed jobs, like infrastructure supervision, pipe line / power line inspection and many like now viable.

Also states new and better suited requirements for companies and drones pilots – like no longer ground school being pre requirement for drone pilots, but a specialty and focused training.  Also allows simulators to become part of the process.

This regulation has a 6 month transition time frame and will be fully in effect by July 2019.

The original version of the rules can be viewed here.

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