Advanced Protection Systems from Poland in partnership with its distributor Anker Sikkerhet AS has finished first phase of Ctrl+Sky system installation at the SOLA airport in Stavanger, Norway. Ctrl+Sky 3D radars, mounted on a mast will monitor the airspace for drones and birds, while Ctrl+Sky CyView software will automatically inform airports personel of any intrusions of unwanted flying objects.

Furthermore, collected data will be archived and statistics will be retrieved for improved situational awareness and enhanced airport safety management. In the final, upcoming phase, Ctrl+Sky RF sensors will be installed to provide additional layer of information on possible drone intrusions.

Ctrl+Sky multisensor system has been selected by AVINOR, the company that owns and manages all the airports in Norway. A 8 year contract has been awarded in a tender competition, where such companies as Kongsberg and Robin Radar participated. The airport in Stavanger was selected by AVINOR to be the first one to deploy bird monitoring and counter drone system. Superb quality based on proprietary 3D radars, RF sensors and CyView software platform in addition to the most competitive pricing and fast delivery time were decisive for winning this contract by Anker Sikkerhet AS in partnership with Advanced Protection Systems.

Ctrl+Sky is a multi-sensor military grade counter drone system that is available at commercial pricing. It has been deployed with militaries, law enforcement and security agencies across a number of countries. Its 3D radars, delivering three dimensional information on the aerial targets, coupled with RF sensors, cameras and acoustic sensors, all designed and manufactured in-house as well as integrated and automated jammers provide for reliable detection and neutralization of any drone be it commercial, radio controlled or autonomous flown by GPS, under any weather conditions.

Source: Press Release

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