A Russian Granat-2 unmanned aircraft was shot down Ukraine, according to Ukrainian Joint Forces Operation (JFO) press center. On January 23, servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spotted an unidentified unmanned aerial vehicle in Ukrainian airspace, according to a JFO’s statement.

After identified, enemy unmanned aircraft was overridden by electronic warfare specialists and forced to land.

A seized unnamed aircraft turned out to be a Russian-made Granat-2 drone designed to conduct air reconnaissance with photo, video and thermal equipment at the distance up to 15 -25 kilometers.

Granat-2 developed by Russian defense contractor Izhmash-Unmanned Systems is capable of transmitting video of the developing situation to the monitor of the command post.

The drone can transmit data concerning location of the enemy units to the reconnaissance groups, which operated in behind lines of the enemy.

JFO press center noted that Russia has been supplying this type of drones to the illegal armed formations of the so-called “Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics.” It is used for aerial reconnaissance and artillery spotting.

“A seized drone is yet another proof of Russia’s support of the illegal armed groups in the territory of Donbas which terrorize civilians living near the contact line, shelling them,” said in JFO statement.

Source: Defence Blog

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