Ersa GmbH joined CURPAS e.V. on January 1, 2019. The soldering specialist based in Wertheim, Germany is strengthening the technical competence network of CURPAS (Civil Use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems). The goal of this association founded in 2016 is to be a platform for all who engage with this technology.

Manufacturers and users of drones and subsystems can provide their knowledge and share their experiences of the production and repair of the sometimes very complex drone technology.

Ersa and CURPAS e.V. are planning several information events for 2019. Electrical connection technology for drones during their production, application and service will be presented more detailed. Thousands of solder joints in the device management of a drone are an elementary factor both for the operation and for the safety of the flying helpers.

Ersa recommends itself as a manufacturer of hand soldering tools and rework systems, which are useful for developers and repair service providers of UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems).

Source: Press Release

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