FLYMOTION, a provider of unmanned systems, innovative technology solutions and system integration has introduced its newest Mobile Drone Command Trailer built in partnership with E-ONE, a subsidiary of REV Group and a leading manufacturer of fire apparatus, made its debut at Fire Rescue East Conference and Trade Show in Daytona Beach, Florida.

The 16-foot all-aluminum Mobile Drone Command Trailer can serve as a fully climate controlled hub for remote UAS operations. With multiple work and flight stations, integrated communications, advanced LTE network capabilities inside along with a large external monitor compartment, this unit serves as a central command center for receiving all of the telemetry, video downlinks and data processing when operating drones.

The Mobile Drone Command Trailer has practical applications for fire departments, law enforcement agencies, private entities and more, including search and rescue operations, hazmat responses, active shooter situations, mass casualty incidents, SWAT and tactical operations.

Features of the new Mobile Drone Command Trailer include:

  • Severe-duty 16-foot all-aluminum trailer built specifically for emergency services operations
  • Drop-down rear ramp door with counter-balance one-man deployment
  • Full length electrically controlled awning with auto-stowage sensor for high winds
  • Multiple interior flight, monitoring and workstations
  • Exterior large screen monitor compartment beneath awning for controlled viewing by incident commanders and operation of unmanned systems
  • Aluminum interior cabinets and solid surface workstations
  • 6500-watt inverter generator with shore power option
  • Solar paneled roof for extended remote operations
  • Gigabit-Class LTE modem for advanced reliable communications both inside and outside
  • 37-RU electronics rack
  • Dedicated charging hub for UAS equipment and electronics
  • Antenna rails around perimeter of roof which functions as a flight observation deck
  • 360 degree high intensity perimeter lighting
  • All LED marker and emergency warning lighting controlled from tow vehicle

Source: Press Release

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