Russia’s Kalashnikov drone is about to be rolled-out across the military after “successfully completing” trials.

And military officials have boasted of how the latest precision weapon from arms giant Kalashnikov can “deliver explosives to any terrain, bypassing systems of air defence.”

Capable of flying for half an hour, the KYB (Cube) drone received its debut at Dubai’s international IDEX arms exhibition.

The Russian drone flies at speeds of up to 80mph (130kph) and can carry a payload of explosives up to 3kg (7lbs), Kalashnikov claims.

Sergey Chemezov, head of Russian arms company Rostec, said:

“This is an extremely precise and very effective weapon, incredibly hard to fight by traditional air defence systems.The explosive can be delivered to target regardless of how well hidden it is. It operates ‘regardless of hidden terrains, at both high and low altitude.”

The drone was developed by ZALA Aero, a subdivision of Kalashnikov Concern.

Source: Daily Express

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