Last week the BCN Drone Center  had the privilege of hosting Eyeplane, a drone startup from The Netherlands which is a part of the ESA BIC network and their Norwegian engineering partners Maritime Robotics.

Eyeplane proposes an innovative fixed-wing drone service by which they will be able to monitor large areas of land from the sky and warn customers in case of irregularities. They are planning to work in Namibia for wildlife preservation.

The Dutch startup booked one of the exclusive offers for ESA BIC startups sponsored by Catalan Government. After the initial offer period, they ended up extending their stay at our center. During this time they were able to successfully test their well-known commercial UAV, Penguin-B, capable of carrying Eyeplane’s payload-components in long endurance operations and their payload and detection software.

At Barcelona Drone Center, we have a segregated airspace that guarantees all technical and safety conditions are met for flying and testing UAVs.

Source: Press Release

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