New Belarusian solutions and radio-electronic warfare systems to fight unmanned aerial vehicles will be presented during the international defense industry expo MILEX 2019 in May, representatives of the State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus told BelTA. In early 2017 the Belarusian company KB Radar unveiled a radioelectronic gun Groza-R. It is a jamming transmitter designed to fight multicopters. The new product was presented virtually simultaneously with similar products from leading manufacturers from the USA, Israel, Australia, and China.

The Belarusian gun was one of the most effective solutions for fighting compact mass-produced flying drones. Some of Belarusian security agencies were unhappy with the product. They spoke in favor of needing a smaller solution that can fit into one case.

The updated gun Groza-R2 is more compact and lighter. It has less powerful transmission power. The first gun had an effective range of up to 3km and was fitted with a backpack with powerful amplifiers and accumulators. Its total weight was as large as 18kg. The second gun’s components are smaller, fit into a single module, and weigh a total of 7kg, with the effective range of about 500m. The drone gun Groza-R2 is designed to suppress control links of multicopters in the two civilian radio bands – 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz. Onboard GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation systems are also suppressed.

Photo: State Military Industrial Committee of Belarus

Source: Belarus News

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