RPA S 2019 is an international conference focusing on civil RPAS operations. In the context of the upcoming European RPAS regulation and its implementation, and in anticipation of the required integration of U-Space & ATM, it will address current & future drone operations (commercial & noncommercial), U-Space capability demonstrations, UTM/U-Space airspace integration matters, standard operational scenarios, operational experience (commercial & non-commercial), operator qualification, pilot training & qualification, test range safety rules, data protection & privacy.

Hosted by Skeyes, the Belgian air navigation service provider, coordinated with INTERREG-ICAReS, (EC-funded cross-border innovation cluster) and in line with the principals of the ‘‘Madrid Declaration’’, this conference has the following objectives:

  • Create awareness of national approaches on relevant drone-related matters and stakeholder initiatives.
  • Promote coordination & cooperation between national civil drone communities.
  • Address topics of common interest that are to be dealt with by industry on a national level.

Representatives (public & private) of national civil drone communities will give updates on their activities. A focus will be put on the harmonization of national approaches to matters of critical importance to the current & future RPAS operator community. Inter-activity and networking are central at this event.


Presentation Proposals can be submitted online up to 13 April 2019

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