Liteye Systems Inc, received an early 2019 multi-million-dollar follow-on order for their Containerized Anti-UAS Defense System known as C-AUDS; a one-of-a-kind commercial product in operation with the US DoD protecting lives and critical infrastructure around the world.

This is the fourth order received overall in a short amount of time for these systems, demonstrating the affordability, trust and confidence customers have with Liteye and the C-AUDS technology. Liteye’s combat proven technology is highly effective in the Detect, Track, ID, and Defeat kill-chain widely known and associated to the DoD Counter Unmanned Aircraft System (C-UAS) war-time mission; however, increasing use of commercial drones in the US, around non-DoD restricted areas, shed light on a state-side need for Counter-Drone/C-UAS technology, not associated to the DoD.

For state-side use, Liteye will be demonstrating their Counter-Drone/C-UAS products in San Antonio, Texas at the Border Security Expo in March.

“Considering the growing drone activity in restricted areas around Borders, Airports and Critical Infrastructure, our participation in this event cannot come at a more important time”, states Vice President of Business Development for Liteye Systems, Mr. Ryan Hurt.

Mr. Hurt goes on to say:

“We are continuously providing new US technology and ways to adapt to the current and changing drone threats by providing different layers of ability to ensure operational effectiveness” He also states: “Liteye Systems Inc, has completed contracts with delivery of product and capability to the US Department of Defense and we’ve recently received additional orders for our proven C-UAS products. These same commercial products are directly applicable to providing National Border Security, Airport Flight Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection”.

At the Border Security Expo this week, the Liteye Anti-UAS Defense System will perform radar detection, optical identification and autonomous tracking of nefarious drone activity. The defeat of drones through the Liteye system has been proven through years of work with the US DoD, and the full system provides support to apprehension and prosecution while protecting National Borders, Airports, Water Ports, and Critical Infrastructures. Also, being demonstrated is the SkyWall100, net capture system that provides a close-in very low collateral damage drone defeat capability. This system does not use energetics and safely nets and lands a drone without harm to surroundings. Additionally, Liteye’s Long Range Cameras and Radar Sense and Warn Systems will be on display and are expected to provide critical capability as drone activity continues to increase.

Source: Press Release

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