EUROCONTROL is organising a workshop led by the European Commission and together with EASA and the SJU on the 9th of July. The third European Network of U-Space Demonstrators – 3rd Workshop led by the European Commission and supported by EUROCONTROL, EASA and SJU takes place at EUROCONTROL’s Headquarters in Brussels (EUROPA conference room).


The workshop is an opportune place to discuss the demand and supply perspectives of the U-space services market. Based on the feedback received from the Network members attending the previous workshops, we are putting together an agenda to address the following objective: “To discuss key aspects of a common vision for the U-space services market by debating its demand and supply perspectives.”

Selected speakers from every corner of the industry will highlight key areas to interest and concern. The workshop is also the ideal place for you, as our stakeholders, to interact and share your thoughts in an open discussion.

As Network members, we expect you to bring forward a broad diversity of views and highlight your expectations from U-space services market.

The Registration Form can be found here.

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