Doug Brooker is one of New Zealand most experienced aerobatic display pilots, and he regularly displays at airshow events throughout the country. This aircraft, ZK-MXS, is an MX Technologies MXS sport aircraft which is designed specifically for aerobatic flight. It’s a single seat aircraft, built of carbon fiber, and utilises many advanced technologies.

The MX Technologies website notes that the MSX is built with state-of-the-art composite materials, sophisticated development tools, novel processes and world class engineering skills.

These construction attributes (of the MXS) are blended to create a unique combination of structural performance, quality and durability. With immediate presence both dynamically and statically, the MXS clearly demonstrates its purpose and intent.

ZK-MXS is one of only a handful of these types of aircraft, worldwide (12 as at 2019). Several of the MXS-R race variants are regularly flown by pilots in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

Doug has held a pilots license since the mid-1970’s, and he began flying aerobatics as a means to keep challenging himself while flying. Initially finding even simple stunts such as looping tricky, he simply continued to practice until he became proficient.

Doug’s aerobatic practice eventually led him to winning numerous aerobatic competitions, and to his position as one of New Zealand’s preeminent display pilots. The high performance aircraft he uses, the MXS, and before that the MX-2 are capable of performing maneouvers of +/- 8G’s.

A one-off customised version of the MXS is the MXS-RH, which was designed by and for American aerobatic pilot and racer, Rob Holland. That particular aircraft can withstand +/- 16 G’s, and is capable of rolling at a rate of 500 degrees per second.

In addition to the MXS, Doug also regularly flies and displays another formidable aircraft, the Supermarine Spitfire Tr.9, one of the most loved and recognised World War Two fighter aircraft.

The display shown here was filmed at Ardmore Aerodrome, Auckland, New Zealand.

Source: YouTube

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