A U.S. MQ-1C Gray Eagle unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) crashed on August 7 in the district of Radwaniyah west of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

“A Coalition Unmanned Aerial Vehicle made an unscheduled landing in Baghdad Wednesday due to a mechanical problem. The aircraft landed safely and was successfully recovered by Iraqi Security Force troops. No one was injured and no property was damaged in the landing or recovery,” the coalition stated on Twitter.

The UAV crashed southwest of Baghdad on farmland in the town of Radwaniyah, Iraq’s pro-Iran Buratha News Agency reported, citing a local source.

The news agency also released a photo of the drone with a label written “US Army 52178.”

Photos of the Gray Eagle’s wreckage show that it was equipped with two dual launchers, which indicates that it may have been armed with four AGM-114 Hellfire laser-guided missiles.

The undamaged drone was quickly moved to an unknown location, and could have come down due to electronic interference or have been intercepted by a cyber-attack, the source suggested

Photos: Buratha News Agency

Sources: Southfront;  Kurdistan 24

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