Portuguese Army has already several RQ-11B Raven DDL

The Portuguese Army is looking to acquire additional NATO Class 1 (under 150 kg) hand-launched unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) to enhance tactical situational awareness of its troops.

The Force Planning Division at the Army High-Staff has initiated a study with the aim to acquire mini fixed-wing UAS weighing less than 15 kg, up to 5,000 ft operating altitude above ground level (AGL), and maximum 50 km line-of-sight (LOS) range, as well as rotary-wing micro-UAS systems with less than 66 joules energy state, up to 200 ft operating altitude AGL, and a maximum 5 km LOS range.

The study is scheduled to be finalised in 2020, the Force Planning Division told Jane’s .

Photo: Portuguese Army

Source: Jane’s 360

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