Drone Volt, a French embedded artificial intelligence expert and manufacturer of professional civil drones,  has announced the release of its latest drone hybrid VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) vehicle named Heliplane v.2 drone. The new version offers long flight endurance times, 1.6-kg (3.5-lb) payload capacity, and VTOL/hover capabilities.

The Heliplane v.2 combines the advantages of a multirotor UAV with a fixed drone. It allows take off and land safely be in limited spaces.

The Heliplane can fly up to 10 km for 60 minutes in airplane mode. The transition between the two flight modes is fully automatic. It comes in two sizes: Large (wingspan: 230cm) et Extra-Large (wingspan: 270cm).

The carbon fiber and Kevlar frame makes the Heliplane extremely resistant to a variety of flying conditions. It withstands winds up to 50 km/h and can carry up to 1.6 kg payload.

The disassembly of the wing and empennage turns it into a multi-rotor, which gives it a great modularity. Heliplane can be used in VTOL or multi-rotor mode.

This hybrid drone is available in 3 versions and can be used for different types of missions.The Security version comes with a 20x zoom camera and a thermal sensor. Next is the Lidar version, which is ideal for high-resolution mapping and 3D modeling. And the third, Photogrammetry version, gives you an RGB camera and real-time kinematic (RTK) for precision measurements.

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