At MAKS 2019,  ZALA Aero Group will present a new technology based on artificial intelligence system AIVI (Artificial Intelligent Visual Identification). The latest development is an intelligent objects detection and recognition system. AIVI enables aerial video to be analyzed in real-time on the board with description of the class and/or type objects with 360 degrees coverage around and under the UAV. 

The newest technology is a system of intelligent detection and recognition of objects by class and type in real time on board the unmanned vehicle with full coverage of the lower hemisphere. The system is used in conjunction with the existing main target loads, while significantly reducing the burden on the operator when performing the task.

The new system uses modular cameras and artificial intelligence for analysis. This is significantly increase the monitoring area more than 60 times per flight and reduces of detection compared to existing methods.

The system is applied in conjunction with current main target payload and reduces the workload on operators during a mission.


  • Aerial reconnaissance, marine and ground rescue operations with coordination of ground groups
  • Search and rescue in dense vegetation or any populated areas
  •  Environmental monitoring, detection seats of fires, non-licensed dumpsites, deforestation, oil spills, etc.
  • Detection the required object’s type or class in cities, towns or wooded areas.
  • Reduces time of detection compared to existing methods


  • Increasing the efficiency of monitoring area more than 60 times per flight
  • Reduces the workload on operator
  • Artificial intelligent processing in real-time onboard the aircraft
  • The design of this system allows to receive an integrated 360 degrees complex image from multiple cameras
  • Detection and recognition of hidden objects at 90 ° vertical camera angle
  • Real-time video stream processing without transferring a large amount of data.
  • Image recognition by artificial intelligence software platform
  • Recognition and classification of up to 1000 static and moving objects
  • 100 megapixels orthomosaics creation instantaneously

AIVI technology allows to produce a photo plan without participation of operator onboard the UAV with minimum time delay.

Source: Press Release

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