Iran publicly unveiled yet another new drone on Sunday, part of its growing arsenal of locally produced drones and munitions. The Islamic Republic has been on a surge recently in terms of showing off new military technology. It showed off a new radar on August 10 and a new missile defense system on August 22.

The new drone is called Kian and is supposed to be able to carry out precision strikes against “distant targets.” In an apparent threat to Israel or other countries, Iran’s Army Air Defense commander Brig.-Gen. Alireza Sabahi-Fardand said that it was capable of hitting targets “far from Iran’s borders.”

State media claim that the Kian can also climb to an altitude of three miles (5000m).

News agency IRNA report that Mr Sabahifard said the jet-propelled drone comes in two models of “surveillance and reconnaissance missions and continuous flight for precision missions”.

Mr Sabahifad believes the aircraft was designed, produced and tested by experts of the Iranian air defence force within about a year.

Oddly, the drone announcement was made in English – but Farsi media downplayed its importance. This likely means that ISNA and PressTV were given orders to push this information to make Western audiences aware of it.

Source: The Jerusalem Post; Twitter

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