uAvionix, designer and manufacturer of communications, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) equipment for unmanned and manned aircraft, has announced that is offering free pingRX Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) ADS-B receivers to first responders and UAS service organizations participating in rescue and recovery efforts associated with Hurricane Dorian.

pingRX is a dual-frequency ADS-B receiver intended for use onboard a UAS. Retailing for $249 and weighing only 5 grams, pingRX can provide the operator with a digital view of ADS-B equipped aircraft in the airspace up to hundreds of miles away. When integrated with a compatible autopilot such as ARDUPILOT, Pixhawk, PX4, or the Cube – local ADS-B traffic is displayed on the Ground Control Station (GCS) display. uAvionix is offering a free pingRX to each organization assisting in Hurricane Dorian recovery efforts.

The FAA’s mandate for ADS-B OUT equipage on manned aircraft has a deadline of January 1, 2020 – so equipage levels are currently high. Users are cautioned however that equipage is not at 100%, so reliance on ADS-B as a sole means of Detect and Avoid (DAA) is not advised.

In 2017, in response to Hurricane Harvey’s landfall in Houston TX, UAS were used extensively for the first time in recovery and rescue efforts. The use of UAS has continued to grow in response to hurricane efforts ever since. Hurricane Dorian is expected to travel along the Eastern coast of the U.S. northward at a slow pace, creating extensive damage from winds and flooding.

“Over the past few years, the use of drones in hurricane and natural disaster recovery efforts has increased significantly due to the value of the real-time data collected in combination with ease of deployment,” says Christian Ramsey, uAvionix President. “First responders and recovery crews will undoubtedly work tirelessly for weeks in response to Dorian. We hope to make these efforts just a bit safer and encourage good airspace safety practices with the use of the pingRX systems.”

The FAA has published guidance for UAS operators, urging strict adherence to Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS) and Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR). The airspace in these areas can be crowded and unpredictable.

First responders and UAS service organizations are encouraged to contact uAvionix at for details on the offer.

Source: Press Release

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