The Military Industries Division of the Armed Forces of Yemen(Houthi) revealed the capabilities and characteristics of two drones, Sammad 3, and Sammad 1. Scenes of Qasif K2 drones flying in the skies for the first time since being used in the front line, in addition to the flight of a surveillance drone, were presented to during the press conference.

We have a strategic stockpile of ballistic, modified cruise missiles, and all types of reconnaissance and attack drones,” Brigadier Sari said, adding that “this stockpile is enough to continue face the aggression for years to come.”

The spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces told reporters in a news conference on Tuesday, commenting on scenes broadcasted at the conference, that “Sammad-3 has a range of 1,500 to 1,700 km and was tested in several successful operations targeting Saudi airports.

Sammad-3 drone can explode from top to bottom or directly hit the target and contains adequate quantities of explosives. Samad-3 uses advanced technology helping it avoid detection by Saudi radars.

Sammad-1, which is reconnaissance, can reach more than 500 km and has the ability to monitor targets directly through an operating room.

Source: YouTube

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