Simlat POLARIS and AirMap Enterprise Dashboard running a simulated session in Salt Lake City, UT with numerous delivery drones and other aircraft

Simlat’s POLARIS provides simulated UAS traffic at scale, simulating the behavior of “rogue” or malfunctioning UAS while also generating the clutter made by thousands of automated flights.


Through integration with Simlat’s POLARIS product, AirMap, the world’s leading airspace management platform for UAS, can provide large-scale UTM simulations using its platform.

POLARIS feeds the AirMap environment with background traffic at the right scale, while it creates conditions for specific test cases like flight plan conflict, “rogue”, stray drones, or unplanned changes.

Simlat is a provider of innovative, next-generation training solutions. These training solution systems enable training for any platform, payload and mission. The integrated solution of Simlat with AirMap offers a suite of drone management and flight awareness simulations allowing testing and validating the UTM at various scenarios and for training UTM or other operators with realistic high scale scenarios. POLARIS runs simulated aircraft that follow their preplanned mission but can also detect and avoid, change flight plans and be taken over, either automatically or with a human in the loop.

Simlat technology has been integrated to various Ground Control Stations, autopilots and protocols like MicroPilot, MAVLink, VCSi, MissionPlanner, UgCS, INEXA, and ADS-B to name a few.

Source: Press Release

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