Herzlich Willkommen im Verband!

Im dritten Quartal 2019 können wir wieder viele neue Mitglieder in unseren Reihen des UAV DACH e.V. begrüßen.


Neues Mitglied: Azur Drones



Autonomous drone to serve humans

« Our technology is far from being a simple mobile camera. 
Concentrate of embedded intelligence, it heightens human capabilities and challenges its limits. »
Jean-Marc Crépin, Azur Drones Chief Executive Officer.

Our experienced engineers have been working for more than 4 years on drone-in-a-box technology, which marks a key turning point on professional drone market. Able to operate under the simple supervision of a remote operator, autonomous drone offers an increased vision and mobility. Our teams are pushing each day the degree of drone autonomy by mixing robotization, artificial intelligence, embedded electronics and latest generation sensors.

Create an autonomous drone requires high quality and reliability levels. Azur Drones establishes new standards, closed to aeronautical standards, with a triple equipments redundancy and cutting-edge security systems.
Create an autonomous drone requires new uses and regulatory advances. Azur Drones takes part in drone regulation evolution by working with civil aviation authorities to seek approval for autonomous flights. In early 2019, the company gets the DGAC (French authorities) approval for its Skeyetech system.    



Azur Drones
Rue de Chateau 18
F-92200 Neuilly-Sur-Seine