Drone REGIM, a European drone community action, instigated by UVS International within the context of its Global Access initiative, consists of the following 5 Focus Groups and 15 Working Groups:

Focus Group 1 – Training & Qualification & Using SORA

WG 1.1 – Training Operators in the Use of SORA

WG 1.2 – Drone Operations Manual

WG 1.3 – Flight School & Examination Qualification

WG 1.4 – Specific Category Drone Pilot Training & Licensing & Examination

WG 1.5 – Making Professional Drone Pilot an Officially Recognized Profession

WG 1.6 – Open Category: Online Pilot Training & Examination

WG 1.7 – Safety Rules for Training / Test / Validation / Demonstration Sites

Focus Group 2 – Operations

WG 2.1 – UTM / U-Space Implementation & U-Space Service Provision

WG 2.2 – Controlled Airspace Operations

WG 2.3 – Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs)

WG 2.4 – Regulatory Oversight & Enforcement

Focus Group 3 – Awareness Creation

WG 3.1 – Awareness Creation & Communications

Focus Group 4 – Standards

WG 4.1 – Review of EUROCAE (draft) Documents

Focus Group 5 – Standard Scenarios

WG 5.1 – Standard Scenarios (EU & non-EU) & Database to Compare Them

WG 5.2 – Standard to Produce a Standard Scenario & Relevant Template

In total 97 persons representing 77 companies organisations in 21 countries are participating.

The following Drone REGIM documents are now available (See: https://uvs-international.org/working-groups/):

– Introduction

– Background & Evolution + Madrid Declaration

– Objective & Principles of Participation

– Focus Group & Working Group Activities

– Participating Entities (Names & Profiles)

– Participating Persons (Names & Affiliations)

– Photo Gallery – Participating Persons

– Working Groups: Active Members & Observers Per Working Group

– Online Participation Registration Form

Participation registration remains possible for interested applicants from all countries and can be accomplished online (https://uvs-international.org/working-groups/drone-regim-participation-registration-form/).

About Drone REGIM

At the RPAS CivOps 2019 conference in Madrid, Spain on 23 & 24 January 2019, the conference delegates agreed on the formulation of the «Madrid Declaration». In the context of the new European Union (EU) drone regulation, and with the objective to contribute to European Union harmonization relative to the implementation of the EU drone regulation on a national level, the representatives of the European drone communities present at the conference stated their intent to endeavour to coordinate, cooperate, and share knowledge & experience.

The objective of this community action is to create a structure & work methodology permitting to federate European drone community members [with a focus on Small- & Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)] in multi-national working groups with the intent to produce consensually agreed guidance documents, contribute to existing standards efforts, and, in coordination with National Aviation Authorities (NAAs), define consensually agreed recommendations on topics identified by the current drone community as being urgently required.

Drone REGIM brings together the following competencies: aeronautical information services, air navigation service providers, consulting services, drone operators, drone producers (systems), drone-related producers (sub-systems), flight schools, legal services, qualified entities, regulators, research & science, specialized media, technology clusters, test & demonstration ranges.

In the context of the implementation of the European Union’s new drone regulation, the purpose of Drone REGIM is to:

  1. a) Address regulatory-related matters that are the responsibility of the individual EU Member States;
  2. b) Contribute to the harmonization of the national approaches concerning these matters, taking relevant existing documents & best practices into account;
  3. c) Contribute to speeding up the European harmonization process;
  4. d) Propose a work methodology geared to SMEs (work principally online; minimize travel).

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