The RPAS CivOps 2020 conference will take place in the new The Hague Conference Centre in The Hague, The Netherlands. The event is:
coordinated with:

  • Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management, The Netherlands
  • Human Environment & Transport Inspectorate (ILT) (CAA), The Netherlands
  • Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat), The Netherlands

organized in the context of:

organized in cooperation with:

  • INTERREG-ICARES Consortium (Belgium, France, Netherlands, UK)
  • DARPAS, The Netherlands (Dutch Association for RPAS)
  • DCRO, The Netherlands (association of Dutch Certified RPAS Operators)

RPAS CivOps 2020 will focus on:

  • Operator experience & Operator requirements
  • Current & Future Drone Operations (with a focus on infrastructure-, agriculture-, environment-, safety-, security-related RPAS applications)
  • Experience with Specific Operations Risk Analysis (SORA) & solutions to make the use of SORA simpler

In the context of the implementation of the new EU drone regulation and the harmonisation of national approaches relative to it, proposals for presentations covering the following topics (also being tackled by Drone REGIM) will be appreciated:

  • Remote Pilot Training, Licensing, Examination, Certification
  • Flight School & Examination & Qualification (theoretical & practical)
  • RPAS Operator Qualification
  • U-Space implementation & integration with ATM
  • Standard operational scenario
  • Test / Training / Demonstration Ranges (safety rules)
  • Data Protect & Privacy
  • Awareness Creation

All relevant conference information can be found at

The Presentation Proposal Submission Form can be found at

The deadline for submission is 26 October 2019.

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