Women And Drones, the leading organization dedicated to driving excellence in the unmanned industry by achieving equity and participation of women in all disciplines and across all employment sectors, today announced a new strategic alliance with DRONERESPONDERS, the world’s fastest growing non-profit program promoting public safety UAS.

Together, the two organizations will promote awareness, training, exercises, and higher education in the use of drones for good by girls and women of all ages.

“We’re incredibly excited to work with DRONERESPONDERS to bring greater attention to females using drones for a wide variety of public safety missions,” said Sharon Rossmark, CEO, Women And Drones. “By showcasing women using this amazing new technology to help save lives, we are confident we can help inspire today’s girls to take leadership roles in all types of organizations using drones for good.”

Rossmark says recent research by Microsoft shows that girls with Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM)-based role models are more likely to pursue career opportunities in STEM-related fields, but less than half of today’s girls say they have such a role model.

“We need to improve those numbers,” says Rossmark. “Our partnership with DRONEREPONDERS will help bring attention to the many opportunities women have for playing an important role in this amazing new industry.”

Emergency management expert Kay Goss, the first women to serve as a Presidential appointed, Senate confirmed, Associate FEMA Director, agrees.

“Our work with Women And Drones will help illuminate the path for today’s young women to become increasingly engaged across a variety of STEM subjects,” said Goss, who also serves on the DRONERESPONDERS Board of Advisors. “We need women to play a prominent role in the future of unmanned systems for public safety, emergency management, and humanitarian missions.”

Nikki Brown, a police officer and FAA-certified Remote Pilot who serves as the Women And Drones Public Safety Advisor, will serve as the primary liaison to help coordinate initiatives between the two organizations. Brown will team up with Goss and other DRONERESPONDERS to develop the outreach strategy and initiatives to help guide this unfolding innovative technology.

“I am honoured to help advance the missions of both Women And Drones and DRONERESPONDERS,” said Brown. “This opportunity will allow me to combine my interest in unmanned aviation with my duties as a sworn law enforcement officer to help inspire young women of all ages to embrace STEM programs and drones for good.”

Photo: Sharon Rossmark, CEO, Women And Drones, operates an unmanned aircraft system (UAS). Photo by Women And Drones.

Source: Press Release

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