UVision Air Ltd. a supplier of lethal loitering systems for a wide variety of missions expands its cooperation with Firstec Co. Ltd., of South Korea, to provide logistic services to the armed forces of The Republic of Korea (ROK) and localization of Loitering Munition.

Major General (Ret.) Avi Mizrachi, CEO of UVision, expressed great satisfaction regarding the strengthening of the relationship with Firstec a leading and long-established Korean manufacturer of military systems and components, and member of the Foosung Group. According to Mr. Mizrachi,

“This expansion is part of UVision’s growing commitment to the Korean market which we see as strategic market. We have identified a need for systems such as our Hero-30 and Hero-120, which can deliver a more effective response to the operational challenges facing the Republic of Korea (ROK). In addition, we see South Korea as a technology leader, and therefore, an ideal starting point for the entire Asian market.”

Firstec Co. Ltd., a UVision Korean business partner, has been marketing the HERO Series in South Korea for several years and has been enabling the introduction of UVision’s Loitering Munition Systems into South Korea.

Over the past year, the collaboration between the companies has expanded to include additional areas of activity. The new agreement increases the opportunities for the two companies to cooperate in providing support and logistics services to the ROK’s Armed Forces. In addition, it enables the implementation of localization processes for UVision products for the Korean Military.

Source: Press Release

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