Airborne Response, a provider of Mission Critical Unmanned Solutions for industry and government, has unveiled its new AirborneBeyond program designed to provide UAS manufacturers and enterprise customers concierge-style, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) testing capabilities outside of the U.S. National Airspace System (NAS).

The AirborneBeyond program offers coordinated UAS fight testing at certified, proven aviation facilities in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and other select locations throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. The program was created to offer additional flight-testing options for UAS manufacturers and enterprise users with specialized requirements. Some of the characteristics of the available airspace include over 100 nm distances, operating ceilings up to 30,000 ft, asphalt runways, air traffic control towers and an array of local engineering and fabricating services.

“UAS manufacturers and specialized enterprise customers will now have a fast-track option to test developmental aircraft and BVLOS operations within foreign airspace jurisdictions,” said Andy Jaques, Vice President of International Operations for Airborne Response. AirborneBeyond provides a single-point of contact for clients who require assistance coordinating UAS testing options across a range of terrain and operating environments.”

A large Spanish UAS manufacturer recently completed their initial testing phase which validated the proof-of-concept for the program.  Airborne Response will now expand AirborneBeyond with the assistance of local partners throughout the Western Hemisphere.

“The coordination of UAS flight-testing in foreign jurisdictions can be an extremely daunting task,” says Jaques. “AirborneBeyond is designed to eliminate the hassle and confusion, allowing clients to stay focused on their operation.”

Source: Press Release

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