Work will begin next month on Australia’s first residential apartment block to include a vertical take-off and landing space to accommodate flying taxis and delivery drones.

Siskas will be the final apartment tower of the Taskers residential development in North Fremantle.

The take-off and landing space will essentially be a rooftop helipad, but with access that will allow each resident to easily collect drone deliveries or to wait for and catch a flying taxi.

“This is not that far away,” developer Gary Dempsey said. “Companies like Uber, Airbus and Rolls-Royce have already designed prototypes and are talking about general releases in 2023.

The technology will be here before we know it — and before we have planned and regulated it.

We have meticulously designed our development to deliver excellence on every level and this includes forward planning and consideration of future advances in technology.

With flying cars and taxis set to become a reality in the next five years, we are passionate about the far-reaching changes to our cities and our lives this technology will allow, including quicker daily commutes, less traffic congestion and cleaner air around the globe.”

In its annual report tabled in State Parliament last month, Main Roads WA revealed it had begun planning to accommodate future modes of transport in Perth, including flying cars and delivery drones.

The report said that, over the past decade, the future of transport had been “reimagined” and Main Roads needed to “adapt to take advantage of opportunities and to minimise risks”.

A reported $US111 billion had been invested worldwide in mobility technologies, including electric vehicles, self-driving cars, flying cars, delivery drones and a hyperloop high-speed transit system.

“Integrating technology with physical infrastructure offers a great opportunity to innovate,” acting managing director Peter Woronzow said in the report. “To ensure that WA is in a position to benefit from these emerging transport technologies, we will develop existing systems further … and continue to explore new and innovative opportunities including the practical use of drones and video analytics.”

The Siskas project has 55 apartments and penthouse suites, ranging from $975,000 to $5.25 million. It is expected to be finished in September 2020.

The Taskers development is on the site of former Australian yachtsman and Olympic medallist Rolly Tasker’s sailmaking business.

It is WA’s first smoke-free apartment development.

Source: Perth Now

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