Draganfly Inc. has announced updates to its product line. Like Draganfly’s existing offerings, Draganfly’s updated product, Tango2+ Fixed Wing drone (the “Tango2+”), is purposely built to save time and money for operators while improving the quality of mission-critical data used within the many industries the company serves. 

“At Draganfly, we continuously strive to improve our product offerings and their capabilities to better serve our target industries,” said Draganfly’s founder, Zenon Dragan.

The Tango2+ can expand its commercial use as it offers long-duration flight times, and its innovative design allows for lower airspeeds, which translates to lower altitudes and higher resolution data capture. This high endurance, multi-battery, small RPAS is capable of carrying a wide array of payloads and is ideal for tactical operations, search and rescue, agriculture, industrial inspection, and surveying and mapping, including aerial 3D modeling.

Draganfly’s continued development of the Tango2+ will incorporate a number of improvements and additional features over the original Tango2 fixed wing drone.

Increased efficiency and flight duration can be achieved through increased wing area and the use of new fabrication materials and methods to provide a reduction in overall system weight. Along with larger wings and a decrease in dry weight, Draganfly’s Tango2+ version will be receiving an updated propulsion system to aid with efficiency and available thrust. These improvements are intended to allow for increased flight duration, lower cruising speed and improved flight performance at high elevations.

The Tango2+ will be available with multi-axis stabilized, modular payloads that will support a number of sensor types including RGB still imagery, FLIR infrared, and multispectral, as well as custom sensor packages to meet client needs. The payloads will be interchangeable between missions and will be available with an optional digital video downlink for real time monitoring.

Draganfly is going to begin integration of new cell chemistry on its intelligent battery for the Tango2+ that provides an increased power to weight ratio, again with the goal of improving overall efficiency and flight duration. Design of this new power source and its management system is intended to accommodate the integration of optional solar panels embedded into all four wings of the Tango2+ for significant flight time gains.

The Tango2+ will also include a newly redesigned launching system to provide a more effective takeoff reducing the power consumed by the flight batteries to reach target flight altitude.

These mission critical performance and operational improvements are intended to be gradually released to beta customers as Draganfly’s development continues on the Tango2+.

“Our complex engineering capabilities, decades of autonomous industry experience and the fact that we own the entire production cycle for our secure portfolio of products, helps drive our competitive advantage across commercial industries and governmental organizations alike,” stated Draganfly COO Patrick Imbasciani.

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