Widely recognized as a pioneer of drone painting, KATSU merges public art and technology to progress the development of drone technology in art and activism. After years of research and development, KATSU and Tsuru Robotics have developed the first for-sale smart painting drone, dubbed the “KATSURU BETA.”

The semi-autonomous spray painting drone is controlled manually and uses highly-advanced sensors and software to detect and cling to walls. The KATSURU BETA tracks walls hundreds of feet high, has 10 minutes of flight per battery and uses standard spray paint cans to creates works of enormous scale.

“It will be upgradable in late 2020 to full autonomous painting with a vision kit,” KATSU explains, referring to the drone as “an art object and a fully functioning tool.” The limited edition collectible will arrive hand-signed by the artist himself.

Source: Hypebeast

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