Pierce Aerospace, a Remote ID UAS Service Supplier (RID-USS), recently set distance and altitude records with the ASTM F38 Workgroup “UAS Remote ID and Tracking” draft standard.

Pierce Aerospace’s demonstrations were performed at a US Army experiment with aircraft operated by UAS operators, TDRS.

Pierce Aerospace’s Flight Portal ID (FPID) was demonstrated with aircraft broadcasting the ASTM Remote ID Bluetooth standard and Sonim XP8 Android devices as ground receivers. Preliminary results registered the longest registered signal returns at 900 m above ground level (AGL) and 3 km distance from the Sonim phones, located adjacent to the pilot ground control station. Continuous signal returns were measured at 900M AGL and 2.1 km from the GCS. These were preliminary results from demonstrations with an operational prototype and require further data analysis and exploration.

These flights were conducted under realistic, representative conditions in relevant rural environments, utilizing Group 2 aircraft operated by TDRS in special-use military airspace. Additional evaluation and data collection is required, but initial data points look promising for support of the ASTM Remote ID standard with value in continued demonstrations and data collection.

Aaron Pierce, CEO Pierce Aerospace, said,

“We are pleased by the results of preliminary exhibitions. The team is building a body of data and research to utilize as we further push the boundaries of what this standard is capable of and how our Flight Portal Remote ID lookup service can work with the standard to provide Remote ID services to commercial and defense users alike in the UTM and C-UAS markets. The evaluations we carried out through October and November will inform and structure additional research going into 2020. The whole team is grateful for the expertise of TDRS in operating these flights and the US Army team in organizing the experiment. We look forward to expanding these demonstrations with partners and OEMs as we progress.”

TDRS President and CEO Maj. Gen. Toney Stricklin, US Army Retired, said

“TDRS is very pleased to have supported Pierce Aerospace in this key demonstration advancing this important technology and we look forward to continued support for Pierce Aerospace.”

Source: Press Release

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