Manta Air, an Israeli technology company in the security field specialises in the development and manufacture of parachutes and advanced air-bags for UAVs, parachutes for missiles and aerial resupply systems. The company is the only manufacturer in the world of air-bags for multi-rotors.

Manta Air has been chosen as a partner by world-leading military forces, companies, and organizations, such as Elbit Systems, Rafael, Aeronautics, Percepto, IAI, Blue Bird, the IDF, and more.

Manta Air’s excellence goes far beyond technology, materials or meeting the most stringent standards. Its activity is based on the unique combination of vast knowledge, excellent people, a leading management structure, and a strategy focused on innovation and market needs.

Parachutes and Air-Bags for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Manta Air’s unique approach has been reflected by the professional development process of each air-bag, tailor-made to the specific aircraft. The process in Manta Air was specially designed to fully integrate with organizations and military forces that develop UAV and multi-rotor drone systems.

  1. Development: The engineering team expertizing in aeronautics, textile, and manufacturing, will plan a detailed design and manage the production floor in order to assemble several prototypes for field testing. The development takes into account the aircraft’s specific features in order to optimally secure the fuselage, avionics, and optics.
  2. Field Tests: The field tests team will prepare the process, specify the test and control mechanisms, coordinate with the regulatory organizations (civil aviation authority, firing range coordination, insurance, etc.) and will implement the test. Following the test, the customer receives a report with detailed conclusions and video documentation.
  3. Serial Production: Following the development process and the final definition of the product, the production planning and control team will manage the serial production of the product in the company’s factory in Hadera, Israel, and will be coordinated with the customer’s purchasing and engineering departments.
  4. Support and Maintenance Service: Maintenance, instruction, folding and adjustments are the final but most important stages in the process. After the supply, Manta Air’s team supports the customer and operator with a quality service and operation, providing the operator with peace of mind, turning him into a partner, the Go To of the parachute and air-bag world.

Drone Emergency Systems – Parachutes and Air-Bags for Multi-Rotors

Manta Air has been the only manufacturer in the world of air-bags for multi-rotors. In extreme situations, when a drone loses control, communications, or power, a parachute is the only way to safeguard the expensive equipment. In spite of the effectivity of the parachute, the payload is vulnerable at emergency landings because it is usually located at the lower part of the aircraft.

Manta Air develops dedicated air-bags adjusted to the equipment carried by the drone, for any size and mission. The system includes an inflation mechanism, engine cutoff, etc.

The engineering process includes mapping of the system engineer’s requirements, planning and developing textile and sewing accordingly.

The company, operating since 2004, employs at its factory in Hadera some 20 workers from various disciplines along the supply chain of the parachutes and air-bags for drones.

The combination of rich technological experience and excellence, with innovation and understanding of the customer’s changing tactical needs have turned Manta Air into a leading player at the unmanned vehicles recovery systems market.

Source: iHLS

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