Seattle based GRN Holdings announced plans to launch a cannabis delivery service in February or March in the greater Seattle area.

They’ll start with a fleet of six drones to deliver cannabis products from wholesalers, growers, and processors to dispensaries, with each drone equipped with an iPad and software to allow tracking and the required “CannaTrac payment system for closed loop payments on delivery.”

Justin Costello, CEO of GRN Holding Corporation, stated,

“It has been hard for me to keep this project a secret, because it is so cool. This is the boldest move yet in the industry we have gotten involved with, and we anticipate that we will be working diligently with state regulators to make sure the technology meets the regulatory standards and requirements set forth in various states. We anticipate the entire industry will adopt this where applicable.”

Tom Gavin, CEO of CannaTrac, stated:

“It’s awesome that our company can be part of something so groundbreaking while helping to create cashless safety standards for the hemp and cannabis industry. This hits all the needed elements for a true market disruptor. In speaking with Justin, basically the cost to run and operate a drone is 1/10th of a van or sprinter, so this is not some move to change an industry on just policy or technology, this will change an industry based on safety and cost savings as well.”

The drones can handle payloads of up to nearly 90 pounds (40 kilograms) and have a range of over six miles (10 kilometers). The delivery flights will be flown by licensed drone pilots (yes, please), and monitored from a “command center in Seattle.”

Source: Portland Mercury

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