Austin based, HUVRdata has supported ExxonMobil over the past 2 years in their efforts to put in place a global Digital Reporting and Analytics platform for drone inspection programs. The goal of the program is to allow ExxonMobil to digitize, scale and standardize Drone Inspection workflows across ExxonMobil sites and assets.

“HUVR is honoured to partner with ExxonMobil as they introduce and scale drone inspections globally and to be the data warehouse for this critical inspection data,” says HUVR’s CEO Bob Baughman. “We look forward to partnering with ExxonMobil as they integrate and scale their drone services to derive the expected ROI through HUVR’s data analytics platform.”

With HUVR’s data and analytics platform, all of your data points flow into one main dashboard so you can view and manage the health of your fleet.

Ingest all of your images, combine it with digital checklists that are accessible via smartphones and tablets, and suddenly you can drill down from fleet-level health down to the individual asset-level defect.

Source: Press Release

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