The BIRD Foundation, a binational research and industrial development fund that promotes cooperation between US and Israeli companies, has approved a $1 million investment for a joint project between BWR Israel and Easy Aerial USA to develop a multi-mission command and control system for unmanned aerial vehicles for national security operations.

The project was selected by the US Department of Homeland Security and Israel’s Internal Security Ministry as part of the BIRD HLS program, which develops advanced homeland security technologies.

The collaboration between BWR Israel and Easy Aerial USA will allow one operator to simultaneously operate multiple drones with several different tasks from an advanced command center, and will be available for every type of autonomous air vehicle.

BWR (Blue White Robotics) develops multi-mission command and control systems for various types of UAVs, operates autonomous systems and provides end-to-end robots as service solutions in agriculture, security, search and rescue, and other fields, utilizing control systems capable of managing hundreds of autonomous vehicles.

Easy Aerial, located in Brooklyn, designs and manufactures automated drones and ground control systems. The system allows for takeoff, landing, and charging of the drones without human intervention.

Ben Alfi, founder and CEO of BWR said,

“With this support, BWR will launch two control centers in Israel and the United States and will continue to develop and lead the world in autonomous systems operation. Receiving the BIRD HLS grant will lead the autonomous future and bring it into commercialization to meet the professional needs of first responders in Israel and the United States.”

Source: Jerusalem Post

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