Union Robotics, an Oregon-based robotics company, unveiled the Meadowhawk DE – an industrial unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) made from ASTM F711 rated dielectric material designed to fly safely around high voltage assets. 

Proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA, the Meadowhawk DE is specifically engineered for electric utilities.

“With a passion for creating a safer environment for the men and women who work in the utility industry, Union Robotics invested two years conducting usability tests and in-field research with electric companies, helicopter utility pilots, and UAV utility inspection contractors, in order to engineer the Meadowhawk DE specifically for this industry. We had found that the current UAVs available on the market are too generic, create too many pain points, and posed security risks by compromising sensitive data.” said Ezekiel Bierschank, president of Union Robotics. “With addition to developing great friendships, the best part about working side by side with linemen, inspectors, and utility engineers, is that we are able to learn about the tools required for the job and custom tailor our products to include everything needed for successful missions.  We also understand the importance of education and support, so we provide on-site training with every purchase, and a support phone line that dials directly to the engineers who created the Meadowhawk DE.”

The Meadowhawk DE Inspection Package is designed to be a turnkey solution for inspecting electric utility assets. Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., the Meadowhawk features include single and dual operator flight modes, on-site operations training, U.S. based customer service and warranty. The ‘Meadowhawk Inspection Package’ includes a high resolution camera, however can be equipped with a variety of sensor options and a cargo release hook.

Meadowhawk non-conductive airframe

At Union Robotics, we treat our customers like family because drone safety is not only about being compliant in an ever-changing landscape, but also to ensure no more lives are lost to what should be fully preventable accidents. Instead of risking human lives by climbing high towers or flying expensive helicopters which could result in massive asset loss, we offer up robotic solutions which almost completely pulls the human risk element out of the equation while also reducing operating costs. Whether our clients purchase or lease our robotic packages, they know they have the tools in-hand to do more work with considerably less risk.

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