Dynamite Global Strategies, Inc (DGS) announced a new series of drone surveillance radar sensor and information systems in the DroneMaster Anti-Drone Counter-UAS System family that can detect Class 1 and Class 2 drones in low-altitude airspace.

The new DSR-3X Drone Surveillance Radar offers advanced 3D radar capabilities to detect, track, classify and respond to security threats posed by aircraft in low-level airspace, along with humans, animals, and vehicles on the ground.  It covers 360-degree field of view— detecting, tracking, classifying, and responding to intruders with an unprecedented detection range of up to 15 km, including the drone detection of Class 1 and Class 2 drones at 5 km range. It also measures the elevations of 2D tracks in real-time.

DroneMaster Anti-Drone Counter-UAS System has been an effective counter drone solution for our customers. Combined with a series of drone detection sensors and countermeasures, it has been used primarily for surveilling and responding to low-altitude airborne threats. Since we have seen an expansion in the use of drones, we decided to expand our family of products to respond to the evolving threats posed by commercial drones,” said Daniel Chou, CEO of DGS. “Going beyond most current ground surveillance radars, our new DSR-3X Drone Surveillance Radar can monitor low-altitude airspace for drones, while simultaneously monitoring the ground for other threats. This means DSR-3X can also track the human controllers of drones, making it possible to interdict and investigate intrusion events like never before. This added capability will make the DroneMaster family even stronger.”

The DSR-3X Drone Surveillance Radar is built on the latest technology of high resolution radar imaging and able to detect swarms of drones. Each of the surveillance sensors allows customers to enhance situational awareness at critical sites. All platforms can be integrated with existing EO/IR cameras, video management systems, physical security information management systems, asset management systems, and other security assets.

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