ADASI has launched the first UAE-made high-performance “Garmousha” vertical take-off and landing drone, in an agreement with the General Headquarters of the UAE Armed Forces.

H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs, unveiled the new unmanned system at the EDGE stand, UMEX 2020, currently underway at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre until 25th February.

Aimed at further advancing air operations and enhancing performance, the new Garmousha drone is a light military unmanned aircraft designed to carry payloads of approximately 100kg, with an endurance of six hours and 150km. A new platform offering greater endurance, higher payload, an integrated high-definition camera and coverage of a larger surface area, the helicopter provides optimal operational flexibility, allowing militaries to save manned helicopters for critical missions.

The Garmousha drone can also be used to detect gas pipeline leaks, to survey infrastructure, and in search and rescue operations. Its advanced capabilities are expected to reduce its overall cost of operations.

Commenting on the drones, Faisal Al Bannai, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, EDGE, said,

“Drone technology is revolutionising our world, creating a safer and cheaper alternative to manned aircraft. As an unmanned system, the launch of the sophisticated Garmousha drone helps advance ADASI’s vision for the future of defence, while strengthening the company’s position as the regional leader in autonomous systems and services.”

Regarding its place in the market, Ali Al Yafei, CEO of ADASI, said, “The Garmousha drone is designed to be extremely competitive in the market and will enable us to offer our clients the accuracy required to stay on the leading edge of tomorrow. At ADASI, we are continuously adapting to meet our customers’ needs, and this product underpins our concerted efforts to identify a gap in the market, and act on it.”

The drone can simultaneously carry a wide variety of payloads, including a stabilised electro-optical sensor for day and night ISR collection. With a low-consumption diesel engine, its unmanned navigation and concurrent sensor capabilities, it is a versatile system capable of solving some of the most difficult challenges in rugged environments.

ADASI is the official Strategic Partner of UMEX 2020, and is part of the Platforms and Systems cluster within EDGE, an advanced technology group for defence and beyond, which was inaugurated in November 2019.

Photo: DefPost

Source: Press Release

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