The Anna News Agency released a new photo that showed the remains of a Turkish drone that was shot down by a Russian-made air defense system in Syria.

In the image released, two Russian military journalists  are photographed with the remains of the Turkish drone. The type was not stated, but it would appear to be a Bayraktar.

It was probably shot down by a Russian-made Pantsir S-1 air defense system, which was deployed to the Idlib front shortly after the Turkish military began launching heavy strikes on the Syrian Army’s positions.

It should be clarified that the record holder among air defense systems armed with SAA in the number of downed Turkish drones was the Buk-M2E air defense system, which destroyed two dozen Turkish UAVs, followed by the Soviet Strela-10 air defense system.

According to unofficial data, in the two weeks of the war in Syria, Turkey lost about 40-50 drones.

Sources: AMN; Avia Pro

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