A Louisiana-based  environmental service solution company is turning its attention away from oil spills and hazardous waste cleaning to large indoor spaces like arenas and stadiums. With the launch of OMI Environmental Solutions, the K-Solv Group Co. now has a drone disinfection system mounted on an octocopter drone that can help disinfect—namely COVID-19. 

According to OMI, the drone can spray a mist capable of killing 99.9 percent of bacteria within 60 seconds of contact. The system can be flown covered stadiums, sports arenas, convention centers, warehouses, movie theaters, school gyms and other places with high ceilings. 

The company is no stranger to operating in unique environments and under strict guidelines. According to the company, to ensure a rapid response to all infectious disease outbreaks, all OMI response personnel are HAZWOPER certified per OSHA 29CFR1910.120, current on vaccinations, and will receive a thorough health & safety orientation before mobilization, upon arrival, and daily, per shift. All operations will be conducted within the established Incident Command Structure and in compliance with the most recent best practices recommended by the WHO and the CDC for COVID-19. 

The drone itself can carry 8 liters and stay in the air for roughly 25 minutes before swapping batteries. The team has FAA Part 107 certified flight crews that will work with clients to establish grid patterns or areas of interest to fly over.

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