OneSky Systems, Inc. , a developer of Unmanned Traffic Management and Urban Air Mobility platforms,  announced that it secured a Series A funding round led by Sumitomo Corporation, through Sumitomo Corporation of Americas.

This funding will enable significant global expansion and accelerated development of the company’s robust traffic management platforms. Sumitomo’s investment aligns with their focus on air mobility in establishing innovative new transport services.

This investment aligns with our focus on air mobility in establishing innovative new transport services and will support OneSky’s software development and scale their marketing capabilities.

OneSky is a spinoff of Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), the leading engineering software developer for the global aerospace and defense communities.  AGI began exploring the UTM market in late 2014 after determining that their proven aerospace technology directly addresses the technical challenges of the emerging Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Urban/Advanced Air Mobility (UAM/AAM) markets.  The spinoff enables OneSky to better target these markets while enabling outside investment through this mature Series A funding round.

OneSky has exclusive access to AGI’s core software technology comprised of more than seven million lines of aerospace software code developed at an expense of over $200 million.   

Robert Hammett, the Chief Executive Officer of OneSky explained,

“The Series A funding from Sumitomo will allow OneSky to accelerate our pursuit of these exciting new aviation markets.”  Hammett continued, “As the UAS and AAM efforts advance, and operating standards and regulations put in place, OneSky is well positioned to enable the safe integration of these innovative air platforms and services.”

“We are very pleased to become part-owner of OneSky Systems,” said Kevin Hyuga, General Manager of Construction & Transportation Systems at Sumitomo Corporation of Americas. “Sumitomo has a longstanding history in transportation, including the aerospace market. We see significant potential in growing and scaling OneSky’s capabilities so that it can support the air mobility needs of the future.”

Air mobility is regarded as the next frontier in transportation, utilizing networks of AI-driven, unmanned vehicles. This transformation in mobility is expected to reduce transport times in urban areas and help improve access to remote locations like islands and mountainous areas. The technology developed by companies like OneSky will be imperative to the success and safety of these future mobility systems.

This isn’t Sumitomo’s first foray into the air mobility space. In January of 2020, the company concluded an air mobility business partnership with Bell Helicopter Textron Inc., a major U.S. helicopter manufacturer, and Japan Airlines. Following this project, Sumitomo is now considering the provision of services employing unmanned logistics drones and air taxis developed by Bell with an eye towards commercialization by the mid-2020’s.

Source: Press Release

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