Volz recently launched its full-brushless version of the well-proven DA 22. With the new DA 22 BLDC Volz can now offer a new actuator in the mid-size range with a peak torque of up to 3.5 Nm (1.5 Nm rated torque), featuring a brushless BLDC motor and contactless, wear-free position sensing system.

“With several ten-thousand sold units, the DA 22 has proven its importance to UAV makers, therefore it was time to offer our customers an updated, even more reliable solution in this range”, said Phillipp Volz (CEO).

As the whole product portfolio of Volz, the DA 22 BLDC stands out with a maximum of safety and reliability. It has been specially designed for the usage in harsh environments and for safety critical applications and is tested according to MIL-810G standards.

In the first step the DA 22 BLDC is available in a 12 V and 28 V version with either PWM or RS485 interface.

“ We do offer two housing options for the DA 22 BLDC. One is according to the typical Volz design. But to make the switch to the new version as easy as possible for our existing customers, we also offer the DA 22 BLDC in mechanically compatible version to the proven DA 22. But of course, we can always offer a certain degree of customization of the housing, or connectors if needed. And on top of that, we can also provide the DA 22 BLDC in a submersible version”, Phillipp added.

The DA 22 BLDC can be ordered from today as some customers have already tested it in the field and the servo has proven the quality and reliability Volz Servos stands for.

“This is just the beginning of a series of product releases we are planning for this year and our customers can be excited what is about to come. Our incentive is to meet most of our customers’ requirements, that’s why we constantly invest in our R&D capacities and have an ear close to the market”

Felix Thun (Director Business Development) stated.

Source: Press Release

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