Matthias Schwab, a Professional Golfer from Austria, made a ‘drone-in-one.’ As the European Tour pro tees off at a golf course in Schladming, Austria, a drone to his right shoots past while recording a video posted to Schwab’s Instagram account on Friday.

There is no sound. The drone ascends toward the skies above. The drone descends toward the water below.

Schwab’s shot hit the drone.

The end of the video does not show the bottom of a cup. It does show the bottom of the lake.

“Did you hit the drone with your tee shot?” a commenter asked.

The comment was liked by Raphael Faschang, a photographer who was tagged by Schwab and likely the operator of the drone.

Schwab’s first shot on the Instagram post hit only the green.

As Schwab plays from a bunker about 40 yards from the green, the drone again zooms by. It hangs from above to record the ball landing to the right of the pin, then dips to near ground level before doing a 180 to show ball, pin and Schwab all in a line. Austrian mountains, pine trees and sunshine dominate each video.

Source: Golf

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