WW1 and WW2 History and aircraft are something Ian Baron truly loves. He also happens to be a talented builder and welder.

So when he retired from being a millwright (someone who repairs equipment at a mill) he turned his attention to making incredible full size replica military vehicles. His incredible collection includes:

  • 1916 Sopwith Camel (Snoopy’s plane)
  • 1918 Fokker DR 1 (Red Baron’s plane)
  • 1944 Spitfire MK IX
  • 1944 Messerschmitt ME 109G in Adoph Galland’s colours
  • Sherman Tank
  • Willies Jeeps
  • U-Boat in the pond
  • Hawker Hurricane
  • the front end of a 1911 Pacific Type steam locomotive.

Source: YouTube

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