Octopus ISR Systems has released the Epsilon 180, a more technologically advanced Full HD electro-optical, Mid-wave infrared, Laser Range Finder and Laser Pointer (EO/MWIR/LRF/LP) ISR payload providing exceptional daylight imaging, improved MWIR performance and extended LRF range.

The newly launched imaging technology includes a Full HD 30x optical zoom, global shutter EO sensor, a state-of-the-art 15x optical zoom MWIR sensor, laser range finder with up to 20km measuring range, and a laser pointer, making this airborne surveillance camera system an ideal choice for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and small manned aviation platforms used for border control, military purposes, and a variety of civil applications.

The multi-mission Epsilon 180 surveillance system features the most powerful onboard processor in its class, with a variety of software features including software image stabilization in three axes, automatic target tracking, and moving target indicator.

The Epsilon 180 offers superior image quality with outstanding image stabilization performance of less than <50 uRad RMS. The ISR payload also integrates high-performance Inertial Navigation System (INS), a high-precision, fully-integrated solution for geopointing and real-time target geolocation. 

The Epsilon 180’s rugged and lightweight design is optimized for demanding applications. The system features a sealed structure filled with dry gas, enabling it to operate in any weather conditions. The Epsilon 180’s advanced magnesium structure without any 3D parts is optimized to handle harsh conditions including shock and rapid acceleration.

The payload can be installed in either nose- or belly-mounted positions, offering installation design flexibility for the integrators. 

Source: Press Release

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