BSVT – New Technologies LLC, a Belarus’ manufacturing company, is developing a new unmanned air defense system, called the Berserk.

According to the company, the new unmanned air defense system is intended for precision firing using GShG-7.62 twin machine gun from a halt at enemy personnel and low-flying drones, helicopters and aircraft.

Berserk consists of a self-propelled tracked unmanned combat vehicle and operator AWS enabling remote control and combat operation of the robotized combat vehicle via wireless communication link at the distance of up to 5000 m in case of direct visibility up to 2000 m in an urban area.

Equipped with a modern optical-electronic system and elements of artificial intelligence, it is able to independently capture targets at ranges of up to 10 km and identify them by type.

As “Berserk” is equipped with state-of-the-art optronic systems, it is easy for the operator to control the system, as well as detect and recognize different targets.

The system high manoeuvring and cross country ability makes it a good solution for automatic guarding of any sector or object by means of surveillance or patrol.

Source: Defence Blog

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