MuDD Architects offers new ways of building with natural local materials and drones. It allows to build in a matter of days large scale sustainable constructions.

The drone spray fast architecture consists of using drones to spray earthen mortars onto light fromworks to result in vaulted structures or freeform large scale facades in both city centers and remote areas.

Recently MuDD has been refurbishing a derelict facade in Brussels city center while providing for the city some new murals using giant fabric stencils achieved with the drone spray in hours. In addition MuDD will install in Autumn 2020 in Lille France the first large scale vertical garden using 3d knitting textile and drone spraying of precise water and nutrients. The advantage of using MuDD’s 3d knitting technology for vertical gardens is that it can be installed in high to access areas such as highway bridges columns or large scale towers.

The drone spray technology offers a new kind of shotcrete allowing freeform and remote constructions to be eased hence more affordable. The technique itself engenders new forms of architecture and highlights earthen raw mortars to be used in very contemporary architectural projects in combination to living plants facades.

One of MuDD strengths lies in the highly multidisciplinary team involved in all their projects, RC take off, Louvain and Centrale Lille university for the drone development, Euromair for the pump machines and the best engineering firms in the world including AKT II Summum Engineering and Witteveen+ Bos Dubai branch.

Source: Press Release

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