FlytBase and Firnas Aero have recently partnered together, to combine FlytBase’ cloud-connected solution and Firnas Aero’s expertise in helping enterprises adopt drones. With a focus on the Middle East, the partners plan to deploy drone fleets for residential and commercial security, as well as public safety and disaster response.

In light of current global events, utilizing drones for autonomous & repeatable aerial patrols to guard properties, assets and large facilities 24×7 has become a necessity. Companies are witnessing first-hand the business value of adopting unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for aerial surveillance.

Enterprise applications require a robust security solution that encompasses everything from reliable hardware to intelligent, feature-rich software. With a limited workforce available on-site, and the uncompromising nature of the security sector, UAV solutions are rapidly becoming the key to monitoring people and property.

To help business users adopt an end-to-end solution that can easily scale to drone fleets for commercial operations, FlytBase and Firnas Aero have partnered together recently, with a focus on security and surveillance.

Source: Press Release

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