This heavily censored picture emerged August 7 on the Twitter account of @OsitaLV — who has previously been a solid source with DJI leaks. It appears to be a DJI-branded drone with features that resemble an FPV-style racing drone.

Here are some sample comments on Twitter:

Might be a drone that offers a more FPV-style of flying. Mud seems to indicate crashing… Finally a DJI FPV drone?

Assuming this is the top of the drone: The motors are NOT facing downwards. You can see a 3 blade prop on the far left not the prop arm (which is censored). Anyone thought about the possibility that the black part is the battery and the camera is on the lean side of the frame?

I would assume that’s the underside based on the camera position and the props. Downfacing props on a quad without undercarriage doesn’t make much sense. And FPV cameras typically face up.

The inevitable DJi FPV racing quad. Wait for the bigger picture to become clear. Just look at the robomaster competition for inspiration. DJI build ecosystem and this is just another part of that.

Source: Twitter

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